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Established in 2002, Shandong Tenghui Mechanical and Electrical Technology Co., Ltd is an integrated manufacturing enterprise with the ability to design, develop, manufacture, install and commission gypsum-related machinery with various types and specifications.

Our company’s gypsum construction material system machinery and equipment meets the need of the medium and small-sized enterprises from home and abroad, which was a gap in the past. We have earned the certificates of ISO9001, CCC, and CE, and it is appraised and appointed to be Recommended Product by China Construction Material Industrial Association.


Our products are classified into gypsum board production line, gypsum powder production line, phosphorus gypsum production line, FGD gypsum production line, gypsum block production line, gypsum board PVC ceiling tile production line and ceiling tile T-grid machine, etc. These products can be further described as:
1. Gypsum-related machinery, covering gypsum board production line, gypsum block machinery, gypsum board PVC ceiling tile production line, ceiling tile T-grid machine and gypsum mixer equipment.

Gypsum powder production line, consisting of natural gypsum powder production (generally, we call it gypsum powder production line), FGD gypsum production line and phosphogypsum production line.

The main raw material of gypsum board includes gypsum, paper, modified starch, foam agent, white latex, water reducing agent, setting retarder, setting accelerant,etc.
4. The ceiling tile raw material, including gypsum board, PVC film, PET foil and glue.


The gypsum-related machinery mainly include gypsum wall board production line, gypsum powder production line, gypsum block production line, gypsum board PVC ceiling tile machine and ceiling tile T-grid machine.

1.The gypsum board production line is used to make gypsum board, also called drywall wall, or gypsum wallboard. The gypsum board is the main raw material for drywall wall, partition wall and decoration material.
2.The gypsum powder machine is applied to make gypsum powder, used as raw material of gypsum board, plaster, gypsum block, and etc. The gypsum powder is also called gypsum plaster, plaster of paris, wall plaster, etc.
3.The gypsum block production line is composed of weighing machine, mixer, moulding, hydraulic station, and grip. The block is widely used in partition building.
4.The gypsum board PVC ceiling tile is a new decoration material. It is moisture-proof, light, and easy to install. The gypsum board PVC ceiling tile is used to make this kind of decoration material.
5.To install the ceiling tile, T-grid is needed. T-Grid machine is used to make the T-grid.


The gypsum machinery has been sold well in domestic and foreign market. In domestic market, it has been sold to more than 20 provinces and cities, while in foreign market, it has been exported to some countries in Middle East, Central Asia, West Asia, America, Africa and Europe. The product is warmly welcomed by the customers.

1. While studying the technology and equipment of the gypsum board production line, our company combines the technology expertise from German Grenzebach BSH and Gyptech Company, Lafarge, American companies, and well-known domestic companies, like Taihe Group.
2. The advanced hot air drying system like cross airflow and longitudinal airflow is adopted in the drying technology.
3. Advanced technology in China and abroad is adopted in the computer-controlled raw material feeding system, automatic edge-cutting, edge-grinding, edge-sealing and stacking system.
4. DCS automatic controlling system is applied to the whole line.
5. In the gypsum powder production line, the advanced technological equipments, like boiling furnace and high-voltage electrostatic dust removing system, are adopted and they make the gypsum powder production line are both energy-saving and environment-friendly.
6. Fully automatic feeding system, hydraulic jacking mold system and automatically controlled space fixture system are adopted in the gypsum block production line.
7. The production line can produce the blocks with a variety of sizes, for example, Length: 666, Width: 500 and the thickness: from 80 to230mm. The specification of the blocks produced with the line is accurate and with beautiful appearance.
8. The gypsum board PVC ceiling tile production line integrates the process of laminating, lengthwise and broadness cutting, side banding, stacking and shrink packing machine. It makes the ceiling tile production as a labor-saving process.

Installation of Gypsum-related Machinery and raining to Operators

1. Engineers and technicians from our company will be dispatched to the installation site to give instruction in the installation and commissioning work.
2. The buyer shall supply welding workers and fitters to cooperate in the work of installation and commissioning.
3. During the installation and commissioning, the buyer’s operators will be trained in respect of operation, trouble-shooting and maintenance by the technicians and engineers.


Technical Support:

Experienced technical team, to provide advices about the best choice of modified starch and solution, to help you improve your current recipe, cost and processes.

Quality Assurance:

Establishan accredited quality assurance system and state of the art production facility, to ensure product quality and safety. It also has QA protocols and traceability system, to keep each batch of products traceable.


Professional logistic team to make us enable to deliver your goods exactly to agreed schedule and destinations.
Warranty: All the products sold out enjoy one year warranty after installation and debugging success.
Environmental Awareness: In the process of production, our company has always focused on environmental protection. Production line is equipped with dust catcher, which guarantee the air quality of the production workshop
Annual output: 200 production lines


Sine establishment, we have been committed to putting customer needs as top priority and we have always been adhering to this concept by delivering excellent quality and supreme services, and we will always continue our commitment and adherence. We also engage in OEM.

We warmly welcome all friends from all over the world to visit our company and promote the mutual cooperation and development.

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