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Desulfurized Gypsum (FGD) Production Line

FGD Gypsum Production Line is widely used in the production of paper faced gypsum boards, fiber gypsum boards, gypsum blocks, plaster and so on.


According to customers' heat resource and material conditions, we can provide them with over ten types of production lines which are of coal one step technique, coal two-step technique, steam one step technique, steam two-step technique, and hot flue gas one step technique. In addition, we apply finished product cooling technique and modified milling technique, which effectively solves the quality problem, resulted from phase transition as well as water retention problem, thus making chemical gypsum ideally suited for gypsum building materials.

Till now, we have provided dozens of FGD Gypsum Production Line for many companies. FGD Gypsum Production Line is widely used in the production of paper faced gypsum boards, fiber gypsum boards, gypsum blocks, plaster and so on.

We can design FGD Gypsum Production Line with output from 3 to 100 tons per hour, and also other production lines according to customers' requirements. Besides, we also offer customers considerate service, including equipment design, installation, debugging, operator training etc. Turnkey projects are also available.

As an experienced FGD Gypsum Production Line manufacturer in China, we have been awarded with the ISO9001:2008 certificate. To satisfy various needs of our customers, we also provide gypsum production lines, gypsum block production lines, gypsum powder production lines, etc., in addition to FGD Gypsum Production Line. Due to high production capacity, great reliability, and reduced labor costs, our gypsum manufacturing equipment is in increasing demand by both domestic and overseas customers. With a new standard steel-structure factory of 32,500 square meters and over 130 pieces of processing equipment, we can meet your bulk orders in a short time.
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Desulfurized Gypsum Production Line

  • Manufactures and markets of plywood, gypsum boards, lumber, and engineered wood products, including laminated veneer lumber (lvl), glulam beams and fiberstrong rimboard. Overview of product lines and vertical markets.
  • Develop and encourage the understanding of gypsum based building materials and systems.
  • Manufactures radiation shielding building materials, including doors, lead lined gypsum board and plywood, lead glass and acrylic, shielded frames, and lead brick .
  • FGD Production Line

  • Environmental engineering, consulting and turn key solutions for Ammonia Systems, SCR, FGD and other flue gas cleaning systems.
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  • Desulfurized Gypsum Producing Line

  • Manufacturers and suppliers of plasterboard, wallboards, lining boards, gypsum board and drylining systems for the UK construction industry.
  • Producer of welding equipment, founding machines, desulfurizers and pouring equipment.
  • GIB specialists; they supply, fix, stop, cove and paint interior linings.
  • Desulfurized Gypsum (FGD) Production Line