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Gypsum board dunnage machine

Description of Gypsum board dunnage machine
Gypsum board dunnage machine is specially made by our company after research and design according to gypsum board’s features. It has high automation to locate accurately the required leg width, simple operation, labo-saving, low labor intensity, less easily-damaged parts which are not damaged. Using it can reduce maintenance cost, improve production effeciency and greatly reduce the user’s production cost.
Usage: Gypsum board dunnage machine is used for making gypsum board stacking dunnage.

1. Structure

The maximum external dimension of Gypsum board dunnage machine: L*W*H=2685x3200x1367mm. and the height from ground to rollerway upper surface is 1000mm.
The machine is composed of five parts:
i bottom platform;
ii upper operation platform;
iii drive system;
iv dedusting system;
v control system.

2. Function of every part

2.1 Bottom platform
On the bottom platform, there is guide rail for upper platform to walk, so as to locate the upper platform, preveting from skewing in the process of cutting boards. Moreover, on the side of this platform, there is a location gear to locate the dunnage width. It can correctly locate the required dunnage’s width. The width shall be 8-14cm, and thickness of dunnage every time shall be 0-10cm.
2.2 Upper operation platform
At the bottom of platform, there is small wheel cooperates with guide rail on the bottom platform. The small wheels can make the resistance for upper platform walking less and locate the position accurately. There is rollerway on the upper of platform, so after cutting one piece of dunnage, the resistance for pushing boards to saw blades becomes less to reduce the worker’s labor intensity. There is locate gear at the longer side of platform to stack gypsum board in order accurately and conveniently. There is chain drive system at the bottom of platform to realize platform’s automatically moving. There is trays at dunnage end, and after cutting, the dunnage will fall onto the trays and move back with platform. In this way, one worker on duty can complete two jobs: dunnage cutting and stacking.
2.3 Drive system
The motor the the bottom can drive the saw blades to rotate through belt pulley.
2.4 Dedusting system
The dust collector at the bottom of saw blades collects dust and also collects dust on both surface of gypsum board to ensure of dedusting effect.

Gypsum Board Dunnage Machine

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