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Gypsum Powder Making Machine (Horizontal Rotary Kiln)

Gypsum board making machine (plasterboard equipment) is fully automatic. Nature has presented us with a highly effective moisture management system in gypsum. The gypsum can absorb a lot of humidity through its open and crystalline pores and then automatically releases this moisture when a room becomes too dry.

Installation of Gypsum Board Making Machine

1. Engineers and technicians from our company will be dispatched to the installation site to give instruction in the installation and commissioning work.
2. The buyer shall supply welding workers and fitters to cooperate in the work of installation and commissioning.
3. During the installation and commissioning, the buyer’s operators will be trained in respect of operation, trouble-shooting and maintenance by the technicians and engineers.

Specifications of Gypsum Powder Making Machine

Gypsum Powder Making Machine, Gypsum Powder Machinery
1.Small volume,large capacity
2.Less energy consumption
3.Low operation cost

Gypsum Powder Making Machine Gypsum powder machinery (Vertical fry pan, Pulse bag filter)

Raw material: Natural gypsum
Fuel: natural gas,coal,diesel,heavy oil

Advantage of Gypsum Powder Making Machine

1. Small volume,large capacity
2. Simple structure,un damageable part
3. Compact structure.less land occupation,good dedusting effect
4. Less energy consumption
5. Convenient to operate.easy to control
6. Low captical construction investment and operation cost

Quality standardof Gypsum Powder Making Machine

Our Gypsum Powder Making Machine is in conformity with regulations of "Chinese National Standard GB/T9776-2008”

80-120 mesh
Breaking strength(related to the raw materials) /Mpa
Compressive strength/Mpa
Content of CaSO4·1/2H2O
≥ 80%
Content of CaSO4·2H2O
The content of CaSO4
Initial setting time
3-8 min,adjustable
Final setting time

Equipment list:

Grinding system: Hammer crusher, Elevator, Granule bin, electromagnetic vibrating feeder, Raymond mill, Power Distribution Cabinet

Calcination system: Vertical fry pan, Natural gas burner, Elevator, Air blower, Induced draft fan, Air box, Refractory brick, Chimney, Power Distribution Cabinet

Finished system: Intermediate hopper, Speed adjustable screw, Elevator, Finished Product Warehouse, Wrapping machine

Dust pelletizing system: Pulse bag filter, Air compressor, Thermal insulation material

Gypsum Powder Making Machine

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  • Gypsum Powder Making Machine (Horizontal Rotary Kiln)