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Gypsum Blocking Production Line

Description of Gypsum Blocking Production Line
Single machine production line:
Component of Gypsum Blocking Production Line: automatic feeding system, measuring system, mixing system, hydraulic extruding gypsum blocking machine and auxiliary facilities;
Rated voltage: 380V;
Workshop area:1000㎡;
Workers: 7 persons /shift Annual production capacity 400000 ㎡;
Annual production capacity:400000㎡;
Equipment feature: low energy consumption, small occupation area, easy process and operation, high efficiency.

Features of Gypsum Blocking Production Line

Low cost: the price of common gypsum powder is 180~220 Yuan/ton, the cost of this Gypsum Blocking Production Line is 16 Yuan/㎡.
High efficiency: since the gypsum material condensates rapidly, the mold is discharged 6 min after injection, much quicker than other gelled material.
Fire resistance: when burning, the crystallization water is released for the fire prevention. With the different thickness and combination, it can meet the fire prevention duration requirement. Gypsum Blocking Production Line is tested by the national fixed extinguishing system and fire resistance structure components quality monitor and inspection center based on GB/T9978—1999 Building Structure Component Fire Resistance Test Method. The fire resistance limit is larger than 4.00h (with thickness of 100).
Vibration resistance: it is light partition material, providing vibration resistance of the building. The civil engineering disaster prevention national key lab has carried out pseudo-earthquake shaking table test of steel structure building compound three-panel system node and full scale model. The test provides the conclusion that the gypsum block internal wall has certain strength and deformation ability. It will not crack or break under earthquake intensity M8. The blocking connection between the internal wall panel and beam can effectively prevent the overall crack of the internal wall.
Heat isolation and reservation: the thermo-conductivity of the Gypsum Blocking Production Line is low with excellent heat isolation. The cost of AC can be reduced (the thermo-conductivity of the gypsum product is 0.2-0.28W/MK, which is 13.3-17.2% of concrete, 24.7-32.1% of clay brick, close to the average thermo-conductivity of the wood. The performance of heat isolation and reservation of gypsum air brick with thickness of 10 cm is equal to the clay brick with thickness of 37 cm, concrete air brick with thickness of 35 cm and concrete wall with thickness of 100 cm ).
Sound isolation: Gypsum Blocking Production Line is with good sound isolation, up to 45-65dB depending on different thickness and combination
Construction: the gypsum block can be hit, sawed, planed and built. It can be cut and installed with simple tool to make arc and other shapes.
Economics: the material is cheap with light weight and short construction cycle. The gypsum block can reduce the overall price of the building by 13%
Stability: the nature of the gypsum product is stable. It is not easily affected by the humidity to shrink or crack.
Comfort: the unique breathing function can adjust the temperature and humidity of the environment, providing comfortable living and working conditions.

Gypsum Blocking Production Line

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